Lavorare ai tempi dell'economia digitale. Le trasformazioni del lavoro nel contesto del capitalismo cognitivo e dell'economia delle piattaforme

Luca Raffini


The contribution concerns the transformations of work in the context of cognitive capitalism and the platform economy. The risks and opportunities associated with this transformation are highlighted and the "dark side" is critically investigated. Young people are socialized to a new work ethic. They live an individualized, fragmented and de-standardized work experience. They experience overcoming the boundaries between work time and non-work time, as well as the boundaries traditionally placed between work, training, social engagement and leisure. The new organizational forms and the new work ethic find expression in a plurality of practices and new working environments, giving expression to innovative practices but also generating the risk of new forms of exploitation and alienation. The former are usually associated with the development of practices such as collaborative economics and social enterprise, while risks accompany the development of the so-called GIG Economy.

Palabras clave

Digital economy; Platform economy


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