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UOU sj is the scientific peer-reviewed journal of UNIVERSITY of Universities. It is born out of the collaboration of international schools of architecture, sharing their intercultural interests.

Every issue underlines a specific topic addressed by one of the universities involved in the Research Project, with a focus on Pedagogy in Architecture.


UOU scientific journal | Call Issue#6 TEMPORALITY


Issue #6  2/2023



Editor in chief: Mauricio Morales-Beltran and Jerzy Latka 

  • Call opens 13 June 2023
  • Full paper submission 15 September 2023
  • Outcome of double-blind peer review process 01 October 2023
  • Final submission of completed papers 01 November 2023

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TEMPORALITY  is defined as the condition of being temporary, i.e. lasting for short period of time. Hence, in architecture, temporality encompass all those works that are designed for not lasting, conceived as to be ephemeral. The Issue #6 of UOU Scientific Journal "TEMPORALITY" aims to explore the nuances, interpretations, meanings, influences, and limitations of its notion in architectural design, education, and research. Authors are encouraged to submit studies, essays, and works through the proposed but not limited topics included in the call for articles. 

Contributions for critical essay and articles will follow the process of double-blind peer review. All the selected contributions will be published in open access on the Journal Platform. Submission guidelines can be found at UOU Journal site. We remind you that the journal, due to its experimental nature, includes a section open to Students Projects.

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Manuscripts should be submitted online in Microsoft Word Format (.docx) following the TEMPLATE.

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No. 05 (2023): BORDERS
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Editor in chief: Michael Devereux / University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol, UK

In this issue we are tasked with considering the questions that surround the concept of BORDERS and how we address it in architecture and urbanism. That is why the call for this edition invited contributors to consider this idea of BORDERS, Frontiers and Thresholds widely: tangibly, intangibly, large scale, small scale and as conceptually and intellectually as appropriate, bringing new thinking to the fields of architecture and urbanism. And, the response has been appropriately far reaching and far thinking.

Published: 24.06.2023

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