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Journal History

In March 2020 the Covid pandemic forced us to stop and reflect on our daily routines. It was the beginning of a new way of thinking for many, including architectural academics and educators. The pandemic provoked instant changes in our lives, and now with the passage of months and years it has become clear that many of these changes are not transient. They will remain with us as a ‘new normality.’

These thoughts were included in the invitation from Alicante University that was extended to academics from schools of architecture across Europe, heralding the inception of the UNIVERSITY of Universities (UOU) as a concept. This collaborative project promulgates the opportunities for joint teaching and research in architecture that arose during the many periods of lockdown and reduced movement.

UOU now continues to vigorously pursue these opportunities beyond the pandemic. It has grown to uniting over 45 international schools of architecture that share their intercultural interests. It serves as a model for the University of Europe.

Please visit https://uou.ua.es for more information.

The UOU scientific journal has materialised as one of these opportunities. It has been published since 2021. Each issue concentrates on a specific theme suggested by one of the universities involved in this research project. Themes encourage a focus on pedagogy in architecture and are announced through a call made at least six months in advance of publication. This is very much a collaborative project, directed by Javier Sánchez Merina, and features a different guest editor for each journal issue, drawn from amongst academics in the participating universities.

The journal is biannual (June and December), double-blind peer reviewed, digital, open access, and indexed. It publishes original articles in English, accompanied by abstracts in the authors' mother tongues.