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H2OS, anti-desertification eco-village in Senegal. An open-source, autonomous and sustainable prototype

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The H2OS architectural and technological project is conceived and developed by TAMassociati.  It is an open-source pilot project, replicable, adaptable and perfectible elsewhere. It is the result of an international collaboration, born from the grass roots and inspired by Sunugal – an association of Senegalese immigrants in Italy – which has won increasing support. It is an experiment in co-development promoted by the Circolo Sunugal (Senegalese Migrant Association) in Venice, developed by Onlus Musoco (Venice) in collaboration with the NGO USE (Union pour Solidarité et l’Entraide) in Dakar.  A non-invasive but participatory design, which will become a bulwark and symbol of rights, such as access to water, food, the possibility of living in the place where they were born and moving away voluntarily, not from necessity.

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