Cartographies and limits through the accumulation of imaginaries.



The presence of new tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in different fields of knowledge is assuming, beyond technological progress, a point of conceptual disruption that we can approach from various perspectives, especially in its ethical aspect and from its ability to transform traditional processes of creation. This article aims to open a reflection on the implicit knowledge that exists in visual patterns generated by AI, and also to make visible from artistic practice new debate scenarios and alternative positions that contribute to expanding the multimodal logic in the use of AI technology. In particular, we will focus on how to visually synthesize notions such as border and/or threshold through the accumulation of photographic imaginaries extracted from open image repositories, and observe the result processed by AI as a response to analyze deeply, not in its formal appearance, but in its meaning, process of intersubjectivization, and possible human interpretation. In short, getting closer to the semantics of the image in order to project a contemporary real space.


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