Student Mentoring Programme as a new Tempo in Architecture Education


  • Pablo Jeremías Juan Gutiérrez Universidad de Alicante, Spain


During the last few years, the PAT teachers of the degree in fundamentals in architecture have been wondering for some time the reason for the low participation and involvement of their students in the EPS of Alicante. After a series of meetings, the conclusion has been reached on the need to involve the students so that, from now on, one of the fundamental purposes is to transform it into a medium that serves as a voice for the concerns of the students. This way, it will contribute to improving the fluidity between the tutorial action at the service of the university academic phase and the reality of their professional life. The methodology proposed by the teachers involved is based on a prior analysis of the set of goals and tasks of the tutorial action and a collection of data that summarizes the choice, relevance, orientation and planning of each of the excursions (that will be articulated in future meetings). Thus, the students are provided with the training dimension and real practical application to form part of their hidden curriculum, considering it interdisciplinary and implicitly valuing all the educational activity received up to this point. It is proposed to develop a framework of reference in which the research work allows us to reveal not only the exportable method that guides the strategy in the three stages of work, namely, preparation (for the work), action (during the work) and reflection (after the work) but also allows the creation of a rubric (also exportable) for self-assessment of the work developed. The findings are as simple as they are radical. As obvious as they are important. And they have to do with the fertility that the consideration of the participation of the student body in their own teaching-learning process, undoubtedly favoring the development of values in their students and materializing the objectives of coexistence and participation that allow them to improve their training in accordance with the PAT.


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