An account of a day-trip

Bonded narratives of space



Based on a day-trip and drawing experiments by one of the authors to an archaeological site, Aşağıpınar Höyük, we engage in a discussion on the unfixedness of the knowledge of a place of archaeological significance, challenging the traditional rigid perception of it as a past to be unearthed. Considering the rare case of bonding with dogs, this research incorporates non-human approaches through which space, time, and matter acquire entangled meanings and understandings. We argue that the site-specific bonding with the dogs gives access to interconnected narratives of the site, challenging the human-centred value of time in relation to matter. The drawn research project "An Account of a Day-Trip" is an attempt to make sense of the archaeological site Aşağıpınar Höyük through non-hierarchical configurations of space, time, and matter.

Evolving through a series of drawing experiments, this project operates with corporeal and material temporalities, breaking the logic of simultaneity, linearity, and chronology. Through constant re-configurations of space, time, and matter, we suggest constructing and exploring bonded narratives.


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18.12.2023 — Updated on 08.01.2024


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