A Landscape in the air

Designing on a dynamic environmet


  • Ivan Torregrosa Morales Universidad de Alicante, Spain


“Landscape in the air" is a reflection on a place, focusing on the understanding of a natural ecosystem and the existing dynamics through the investigation of the elements that shape it, alter it, or inhabit it, such as air, sand, water, humidity, vegetation, and humans, among others.

Examples such as capturing humidity to survive like a desert beetle, the growth and survival of vegetation on the dunes, the functioning of kites to stay aloft, or the machines that traverse a beach by a Dutch artist serve as tools that help me comprehend and engage with the landscape in a dynamic manner.

While wooden footbridges, breakwaters, or houses are static elements constructed and dismantled within a changing system, the project integrates and embraces these cycles of construction and destruction as integral elements. In places where the project succeeds, paths will endure, vegetation will thrive, or the impact of tides will diminish. In cases where nature rejects the project, it will simply fade away, rapidly degrading like a dying tree or expired leaves carried away by the wind.


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