In-between Frame and Gallery

Framing and installing as architectural practice


  • duygu dogan taupitz phd candidate, Turkey


In my personal involvement in exhibition and museum projects, I have been part of collaborative processes as an architect navigating the liminal space between art and architecture. The study aims to examine the architect's position in exhibition production processes, emphasizing the dynamic relationship with people, institutions, materials, and spaces. As part of the physical and intellectual processes of creating exhibitions, the architect's nuanced position is revealed in the constant transformation of relationships with individuals, institutions, materials, and spaces. The study aims to establish a foundation for understanding exhibitions as alternative architectural practices. The primary motivation is to examine how the architect's engagement in the field of exhibitions contributes to collective production and shapes the transformative potential of architectural and artistic production. The text centers on two simultaneous exhibitions within the same museum, showcasing contrasting approaches where the architect actively withdraws in one instance and takes on a proactive role in architectural design in the other.  The study introduces  “framing” and “installing” as the architect's main modes of action, and analyzes the architectural designs of these exhibitions. 


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