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Games and Follies at Urban Scale

Rui Florentino, Virginia Sellari, Susana García Fueyo, Daniel Casas-Valle


The urban knowledge is mandatory in the career of Architecture. However, the subjects to understand the evolution of cities, their planning, design and governance, have greater complexity, especially the ones regarding technical issues, linked with the Sustainable Development Goals, as mobility, energy, economy and climate change. To solve this gap, different authors explained that a ludic approach can be useful for university lessons and even to improve the professional practices. This paper comments 2 examples of academic projects in Portuguese universities, with the common scope of urban design solutions as follies connected to the regional environment. Despite of the specific complexity, they both prove that these flexible tools, even do not prevent the use of traditional methodologies, in the learning processes of architectural education, can be especially relevant for the next generations, in a context of digital university training.

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