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Matter on Lines – Marble

Javier Sánchez Merina, Joaquín Alvado


Competition Research: Matter on Lines – Marble

CONTENT / What it is relevant on Architecture talking about objects is the matter. Matter as a physical substance that create atmospheres, relations and light. The proposal for the workshop is to create matter with lines in order to design a “Material City”.

As a second attempt for this workshop, using the definition of Marble, we are going to create matter with a pattern of lines and, going beyond, to design one “Marble City”. For this purpose, we will work together with MIRO.

AIMS / To understand the presence of the matter in our projects. To relate drawings, physical models and video as a way to produce an architecture project.

METHOD / The students will use the drawing to create matter. We will draw lines and model them to create a space as a matter. Finding opportunities of Multimedia Dawing_Model_Video relationships to start with a project.


Student competition winners projects are included in this section.



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